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5 Best Xbox Games To Play In 2017


Xbox has a number of exciting news for its fans in 2017. The most important one is, of course, the upcoming release of Xbox Project Scorpio, a fully-4K gaming console that promises to change the way you play. However, even with your old Xbox One you’re guaranteed to have a thrilling gaming experience, as there are dozens of cool games being released this year. Check out 5 most anticipated ones and buy all kinds of Xbox games on Jiji – https://jiji.ng/270-games-for-xbox.

1. Mass Effect: Andromeda

Part of the very famous franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda is a welcome addition to the series. The new open-world territory, the exciting mysteries that simply beg to be uncovered, and two adorable characters available to play are the biggest changes to the old Mass Effect games. You’ll never get bored exploring the endless possibilities in this game!

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2. Outlast II

Fans of horror games surely can’t miss this release. After the huge hit that was the original Outlast, the sequel has a lot of expectations to meet, and, judging by the early reviews, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed. The striking visuals, advanced graphics, inimitable atmosphere and the fantastic gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat are the biggest reasons to try Outlast II.

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3. Prey

What kind of a gaming year would it be without at least one first-person shooter? This year, the most noteworthy release in this genre is Prey, which is scheduled for May. Not much is known about the plot of the game; however, there are guaranteed to be aliens, travels through portals, and a huge selection of missions that will captivate you.

4. Crackdown 3

If you’ve dreamed of a game where you could feel like a superhero and test your powers without any limits, this may be your best option. With the ability to jump over buildings, throw heavy cars, and wander around the city with the most intricate weapons imaginable, Crackdown 3 is sure to become your favorite. And the endless possibilities for destroying the city is another reason why Crackdown 3 is expected to become a hit.

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5. Injustice 2

In case you’ve started to miss your favorite superheroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Harley Quinn, you’ll be delighted to know that they’re back in the new Injustice game. Take part in breathtaking fights, gear your character with invincible armor, and see who’ll win the whole thing in the end.



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