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Must Read : 5 Reasons Why Women Wear Makeup

MEN CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND THE APPEAL MAKEUP HOLDS FOR MANY WOMEN. To a typical guy, what’s the point of spending thousands of Naira and time putting on makeup? After all, you’d still clean it off at the end of the day. My dear ladies, I’m here to correct this erroneous notion that our darling Naija guys have about makeup. Fellas, …

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Can You Imagine? Desperate Nigerian Girl Begins Massive Sale of Her Belongings to Buy Iphone 7

A young man was written to Joro Olumofin about his girlfriend’s obsession with iphone 7 which has prompted her to begin the sale of her vital belongings. Read the man’s heart-rendering story below:

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ways to make men instantly attracted to you after a first date

Sometimes you wonder why a set of women get all good and adorable guys while the other set are almost forever single. It may be good to know that these ladies aren’t exactly the prettiest in the room, all they have going for them is that charm. So how do you become irresistible to those guys, enough to make one …

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Statements Ladies Make To Scare Guys When They Initiate s* x

1. I never knew this was the reason why you have been bothering my life with your calls and text messages. I used to think you different from other guys out there. I remember vividly when one told me “Tosyne, from your looks, I used to think you are a cool and gentle dude. Now I know that looks can …

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Bad BEHAVIOURS Ladies Shuold Avoid in relationship

This state of mind has really pursued numerous delicate and genuine suitors away after the initially meeting in light of the fact that no one needs to be in a sentimental undertaking where they would be viewed as a fool!!! The following are things’ percentage most women do that can make gentlemen flee from them; you can make a gentleman’s …

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