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HOT!!! Airtel Users Get Unlimited 5k “#5,000” Voice Credit For Free 2017 Awoof


now since we enjoy any awoof from Our Nigeria networks providers today Airtel NG make me smile which I wish to share with all Our wonderful fans and Lovely Daily viewers not to waste much time on this let us Rock the New Airtel Awoof with the below intrusions;

Step 1.

Firstly you need to get a valid workingAirtelSIM CardA mobile phone (any phone can do it)

Step 2.

Having gotten the above requirements, lets get down to the business Recharge your Airtel SIM with N100 Dial USSD CODE *447#…

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Step 3.

You will get a response sms i.e

“Welcome to airtel big family”
if you get an “error occured” or “system busy” prompt, keep trying till you get the former message.

After getting the“Welcome to Airtel big family”
message, make a voice call to an Airtel line for 60 seconds at least
After terminating the call, dial ussd code*446#(ignore any response you get)

You will be given FREE airtime

Dial ussd code*123 *9 #to check your bonus airtime balance

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I was credited with N3,896bonus airtime, you might be lucky and get more!

NOTE: The bonus airtime can only be used to make Airtel to Airtel voice calls

Did you get yours? Comment via the comments box

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