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Video: Watch & Download Immanuella, Aki and Paw Paw Video – PURE WATER

Watch & Download Emmanuella, Aki and Paw Paw Video – DEAF AND DUMB, this is most funniest video i have watched so far… WATCH

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COMEDY SKIT : Bike Man – DENILSON IGWE (Mark Angel Comedy)

Comedy Skit: Mark Angel, Emmanuella & Denilson – Bike Man (Episode 106)

Thank God it’s Friday again….  Yay !!! You all know it’s that special day we get to laugh away our sorrows with funny Mark Angel Comedy series. Episode 106 “Bike Man” Download & Enjoy. In this episode Denilson Igwe who’s fed up with the comedy hustle that is not paying up decides to become a bike man. The rest will …

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Comedy Video: Mark Angel Comedy episode 105 – The audition | Download Now

Mark Angel Comedy episode 105 -the audition

Mark Angel Comedy episode 105 -the audition This episode of Mark Angel Comedy will thrill you the way you do not expect. Emmanuella goes for an audition and instructions were given for her to follow, but some things she saw in the audition were too good for her the follow the instructions given, she created her own instructions and you …

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Watch Funny Comedy Video From Wowoboys

So funny since you don’t have money we are going to Rape your daughters… Lol Wowoboyz & Ecovangel. Watch this video to see what a mother said to armed robbers who were just about to r*pe her daughters.

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comedy video: Emmanuella x Mark Angel Comedy – How Much… So Hilarious! Principal Is In Trouble!!!

So Funny, This Has Got Everyone Laffin Uncontrollably This Time! download Comedy Video: LMAO!  Little Emmanuella‘s ”HOW MUCH” Got Everyone Laffin Uncontrollably This Time. Schools are increasing their fees. Emmanuella‘s principal has joined and in this VERY FUNNY VIDEO Emmanuella finds a way out. this video is very hilarious. it will teach you something very important. DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE!

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Comedy Skit: When Your Village Witches Follows You To School

After the release of the funny skit by these lautech multi-talented artistes MC_JANGO and STARFACE titled “Lautech Resumption date “which went viral, here is another funny skit to make laugh tire…titled “ye maa sun”Download enjoy and share.   DOWNLOAD VIDEO

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SO FUNNY! Mark Angel Comedy x Denilson Igwe – My Mother | Episode 102


This very funny video is hilarious, it will expose something very important. Watch and download Mark Angel Comedy – Episode 102 (My Mother) below. Download Here

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VIDEO: Mark Angel Comedy – Longer Throat (Episode 101)

Emmanuella X Mark Angel Comedy - Longer Throat Episode 101 Download Mp4

VIDEO: Emmanuella X Mark Angel Comedy – Longer Throat (Episode 101) Mark Angel Comedy in conjunction with Emmanuella come with this week episode 101 Mark Angel Comedy weekly series titled Longer Throat. Watch below and share! DOWNLOAD COMEDY VIDEO: Emmanuella & Mark Angel – Longer Throat (Episode 101)

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comedy video: Emmanuella x Mark Angel Comedy – Pot Of Soup | Episode 100

Pot of soup – Mark Angel Comedy episode 100: Hurray! Its episode 100 of Mark Angel Comedy exciting, thrilling and rib cracking videos, we are happy you have stayed with us all this while. You have been with us all this while through thick and thin, you have been our inspiration and a reason we always want to do better and …

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Download Comedy Skit: Who Is Your Pastor (Mark Angel Comedy)

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This very funny video will get you rolling on the ground with LAUGHTER. Please try not to laugh out of proportion in public. Download & Enjoy!! DOWNLOAD HERE

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Hahahaha…So Funny Come And See What Emmanuella Said About Donald Trump

  Hahahaha!! The little Emmanuella is at it again. You cannot believe what she said about American President elect, Donald Trump. Everything Emmanuella does is comedy. You gat to watch this to laugh away your sorrows. Download, watch and lets hear from you!!

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Very Funny Video: Download – No Ebola – Mark Angel Comedy

Africa is a land filled with opportunities, a land filled with great potentials and natural resources. Africa is a land of peace and tourism, fun and laughter, growth and evolution. Africa has evolved over the years into a land that can accommodate everybody from all works of life

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VIDEO: Mark Angel Comedy – Christmas Short Film (Episode 98)

COMEDY VIDEO Mark Angel Emmanuella Christmas Short Film Episode 98 Download mp4

The weekly Comedy series crew Mark Angel Comedy and Emmanuella come through just in time for the festive season. They titled this one Christmas Short Film. Laughing is guaranteed. Enjoy below! DOWNLOAD COMEDY VIDEO: Mark Angel & Emmanuella – Christmas Short Film (Episode 98)

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Download Comedy Skit : Keep Your Head (Mark Angel Comedy) 97

This funny video is too hilarious. Emanuella is something else. Please share this video and help people laugh out loud. DOWNLOAD HERE

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So funny The Tax Force… Lol Mark Angel Comedy Series – Episode 96

Have you ever seen Tax officers in action? Mark Angel brings you a hilarious show of how tax officers work in many places, this video is something everyone needs to see. Mark Angel and Denilson was enforcing tax collection until they got to a place they could no longer collect, what happened there will make you laugh till you roll …

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VIDEO: Mark Angel Comedy – Episode 95 (Who Drove Who)

Mark Angel Comedy – Episode 95: Your favourite online comedy series is back with a bang! This is episode 95 of Mark Angel Comedy and it’s titled Who Drove Who. Spice up your friday with some laughter! Click below to watch and download. DOWNLOAD VIDEO

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Comedy: Mark Angel Comedy – Who Are You “Episode 95”

Download Mark Angel Comedy Episode 95 , This is a comedy released by “ 〈Emmanuella Mark Angel Comedy Vs Ada〉  ” tittled “ Who Are You ” , the Video download of the comedy is here for you. stream and download music Download Mark Angel Comedy Episode 95 and dont forget to share your thought with us. Download Who Are You Here

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comedy video: Emmanuella x Denilson Igwe x Mark Angel Comedy – Touch Me | Episode 94

SO HILARIOUS!!! 😂😭😭 download comedy video: Emmanuella x Denilson Igwe x Mark Angel Comedy – Touch Me DOWNLOAD ● MP4 [HD] ALL FORMAT  

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Comedy: Mark Angel Comedy -The Mechanic – Episode 93

Mark Angel Comedy – Episode 93: You must have waited a little bit too early for it ! Yes your favourite internet comic series is back, It’s Mark Angel Comedy – Episode 93… It never stops to get more exciting, watch and download below: – DOWNLOAD VIDEO

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VIDEO: Mark Angel Comedy – Episode 92

Mark Angel Comedy – Episode 92 Back and better, your favourite online comedy skit series by Mark Angel and co. This is Episode 92 of the comedy series titled Help. Watch and download below:

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