12 Signs that a Girl Wants You to Ask Her Out

1. See if she makes an effort to be around you.

2. She seems to be staring at you a lot.

3. She often compliments you; having something nice to say about your look, the clothes you have on, etc.

4. She calls and texts you. [She’s most likely thinking about you all the time

5. She tries to make friends with your friends. [If she’s making real effort to hang out with the guys you are always with, that could be her way of reaching out]

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6. She always tries very hard to ignore you. [and fails woefully most times].

7. Her friends are always super psyched whenever the two of you are together. [She talks about you almost all the time]

8. She wants to be in selfies and pictures with you. [It’s a thing with millennials]

9. She agrees to do almost anything you suggest.

10. She doesn’t talk about other guys around you.

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11. She’s made it clear that she is single and asks you if you are, too.

12. She blatantly flirts with you. [Since you have decided not to do anything.]

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